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Episode 34: Natalie Riviere

Natalie Riviere is the founder of Commetta Communications, a digital brand marketing and communications business. She is a long-time yogi and one of the co-hosts and organizers of “Fuck-Up Nights” in Montreal.

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Episode 33: Jules Mitchell

Jules Mitchell is an international yoga instructor with a Masters degree in Biomechanics. Her new book is titled: “Yoga Biomechanics: Stretching Redefined.”
Jules shares stories, insight, and practices into how biomechanics can enhance a postural yoga practice, how she manages a busy travelling and teaching schedule, and why she is still passionate about yoga after over twenty years of practice.

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Episode 32: Scott Simons

Scott Simons is the founder and CEO of Organik, as well as the founder of Ceremony Of Yoga. He is a keynote speaker and yoga instructor.

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Episode 31: Barrie Risman

Barrie is a senior yoga instructor, entrepreneur, and author. She is one of the forces behind the World Spine Care Yoga Project, and runs the online resource for continuing education, “The Skillful Yogi.”

On the show, she talks about her book “Evolving Your Yoga: Ten Principles For Enlightened Practice.” We cover both the writing process and the content within and how it caters to teachers and practioners of yoga who are looking to deepen and support their practice.

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Episode 30: Justin Kingsley

Justin Kingsley is a storyteller, an author of three books, a keynote speaker, and the mind behind the slogan for the 2010 Vancouver Games and the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

And those are just some of the projects he’s been a part of!

As you’ll discover on this episode, Justin’s passion for storytelling is only matched by his work ethic. He has a unique talent for creative storytelling and a voice that stands out from the pack. More than anything, he is a great listener and a generous podcast guest!

Justin Kingsley on The SpiritBros Podcast!

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