Episode 11: Dawn Mauricio

Meditation With A Smile

With Insight

Have you ever thought of practicing meditation. Perhaps taking the next step and teaching it?

Today on the show we welcome Dawn Mauricio. Dawn is a long time yoga teacher turned full time meditation instructor. Vivacious, fun, and insightful, she shares with us some highlights of her path. This includes stories about playing basketball, surviving intensive retreats and finding wisdom within them, how she dealt with spending over 150 days away from home last year, and much more!

A Fresh Take

Dawn’s insight on how meditation doesn’t have to be a serious all-or-nothing endeavor is the type of sweet wisdom that connects to the core. Just one of her many incisive takes!

We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did!

Want to find out more about Dawn and where you can practice meditation with her? Check out her website.

Hay, girl.

Time Markers

  • [1:50] Dawn’s Superpower is remembering people’s names.

  • [6:00] She tells us about her experience playing basketball as a teenager.

  • [9:50] On how she managed a year being away from home 41% of the time.

  • [11:10] Spirit Rock.

  • [12:45] “It’s like being drafted by the Golden State Warriors, let’s update our references.” Dawn puts the SMACK DOWN.

  • [14:30] On navigating the application process to join the Spirit Rock training.

  • [16:10] Dawn gives us a Four Noble Truths 101.

  • [19:10] “How much energy it takes to hold on to an opinion or a story.”

  • [20:35] Dawn tells us about the meditation tradition she identifies with, Western Insight.

  • [22:15] On deepening practice through play.

  • [24:20] On different lineages within Vipassana and their distinct approaches to the practice.

  • [28:00] How the right team can create a healthy dynamic of accountability within spiritual organizations.

  • [30:00] What to look for in a good teacher and a good organization.

  • [32:40] Dawn’s transition out of teaching postural yoga and into becoming a full-time meditation instructor began in 2013 and lasted five years! Playing the long game!

  • [35:40] “Whatever we do with a sincere heart is practice.”

  • [37:40] On the challenges and opportunities of long retreats.

  • [42:00] The “Neo: Travel Your Mind” meditation app.

  • [44:30] En-Lightning round.

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