Episode 3: Mathieu Dumontet

Math prepping for the SpiritBros podcast

Years of dedicated training and a beard that would make Tolkien proud make Mathieu someone you notice the moment he enters a room.  As iconic as his look may be, it’s really his deadpan sense of humor, his charmingly uncensored disposition, and his obvious dedication and passion for learning that leave the most lasting impression. A non-commissioned officer turned Cross-Fit gym entrepreneur, Math has a unique life experience that he has drawn from in creating one of Montreal’s premier destinations for Cross-Fit aficionados: Cross-Fit CapOp.

In this episode, Mathieu shares his passion for enacted combat, what got him into Cross-Fit, his experience launching CapOp, his love of food, especially ice cream, the power of breath, and the most important challenges he has learned from as an entrepreneur. MOST importantly (at least according to Pete), Math also talks about his unbridled love for coffee.

You should definitely check out Math’s Instagram, where you’ll find photos of his latest adventures at Bicolline. Tell us what you think in the comments!

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