Change And Encouters

“How do we do endings, whether it’s in our own life or in the ending of an industrial era? I think we are moving towards many kinds of endings right now. And I don’t know what collectively the center is in that, or maybe that’s not the point, maybe the point is that it gets really messy and we start all-over again.”

“I think we’re great at distractions. And I think that organizations know to a certain degree that these distractions are more easily consumed than answering the important questions.”

“As a female-bodied person, I think I was aware very early that, in order to make it, I had to make it within a certain framework.”

“Convening people to be together and to become intelligent together is a very important leadership skill, but it’s not often how we see the idea of a CEO.”

Reid-ing The Room

Special things happen when Vanessa enters the podcast studio!

Today’s episode is an exploration of a variety of topics with none other than Vanessa Reid filling in for Mr. Scott. You can find our previous episode with Vanessa here.

Encountering The Other

Vanessa makes anyone she is speaking with feel like they are witnessing the poetry of the universe unfold in real time. Just being in the same room with her makes me feel very, very smart and, whether or not I deserve to be described with that adjective, it’s an experience I cherish.

She’s a world class listener. Her background in architecture, process-oriented psychology, entrepreneurship, and poetry give her a gentle incisiveness that open up beautiful conversational vistas.

When Life Hands You An Oblique, Dance

This episode was originally supposed to include Scotty-Ji. On the drive over, he found himself held-up by the youth of Montreal, who had taken to the streets in support of lowering human contribution to climate change.

Scott, whose oft-stated mission is “people-purpose-planet before profit,” fits nicely into the revolutionary archetype and the irony was not lost on Vanessa and I.


We covered a variety of topics: youth-led institutional change, leadership and power, the ways fear detract us from our purpose, community and its role in therapy, and more. We also pondered whether the spiritual practices and principles developed for individuals could be applied to organizations.

Getting to explore these topics with Vanessa was truly a privilege. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

We’d love to hear what you think. Please leave any comment or question below!

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