The SpiritBros

Scott likes to edit with his shirt off.

The SpiritBros

The SpiritBros are a duo composed of Scott Simons and Peter Lavoie. Their mission? To meet and learn from pathfinders in the fields of entrepreneurship, health, and spirituality, and to share their discoveries with the world.

"Don't wear white" - Ancient Parenting Aphorism

Peter Lavoie

Show Host - Beard Guy

Pete’s mission over the past few years has been to convince Scott to start a podcast. Now that he’s succeeded, all hell has broken loose. 

Pete has experience working in the service, retail, and film industries, and has taught yoga since 2010, with a focus on biomechanics and yoga philosophy.

Pete’s ultimate goal with the SpiritBros is to make useful knowledge and practices accessible for all but really it’s to meet fascinating people and drink more coffee.

Links: Twitter | Instagram

Hubba Hubba

Scott Simons

Show Host - Hair Guy

Scott defines himself as an Ecopreneur meaning he puts people, purpose and the planet before profit. Scott’s mission is to inspire a daily practice of health. To fulfill this mission, he created three social businesses. In 2004, he cofounded the Padua Centre, a community wellness centre offering meditation, yoga and group dialogue sessions. In 2006, he cofounded DESTA Black Youth Network, a non-profit alternative education project helping marginalized youth aged 18 to 35 get back on track. In 2006, Scott also founded Organik Corporate Health, a wellness broker company specializing in offering on-site services that make health and wellness accessible for employees. Beyond creating and developing inspiring projects, Scott has contributed to health as a yoga and meditation teacher, personal trainer and health coach since 2006. According to Scott, his greatest source of inspiration is found in his daily practice of health.

Links:  Scott Simons Inc.  |  Organik  |  DESTA | Instagram | Ceremony Of Yoga

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