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Episode 17: Vanessa Reid

Co-Founder of The Living Wholeness Institute, former Executive Director at Santropol Roulant, and former Executive Publisher of Ascent Magazine, Vanessa shares what she has learned about leadership in organizations, her insights from completing two Masters degrees, the wisdom and potential found in chaos and death, and much more!

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Episode 16: Dominic Tambuzzo

Dominic is an Ayurvedic therapist, a seasoned entrepreneur, and a Yogi with decades of practice. In this episode, he shares his stories about relationship, success and failure, his wisdom, and his instinct for fun!

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Episode 15: Jean-Marie Lapointe

Jean-Marie is an author, public speaker, actor, and host of TVA’s “Face à la Rue.”

In our sit-down, Jean-Marie walks us through sharing moments with people with terminal illnesses and why he feels privileged to live this experience.

He tells us what he has learned from spending time with Matthieu Ricard and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

He also talks to us about how the homeless of Montreal have had a deep impact on his worldview, as well as how he approached pitching a show about homelessness to a major television network (TVA).

Jean-Marie Lapointe on the SpiritBros Podcast!

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Episode 14: Genevieve Brousseau-Provencher

How did a 21-day cleanse become the foundation for a Canada-wide distributed brand of cold-pressed juices? In just five years?

This and more in our epic sit-down with Genevieve Brousseau-Provencher, co-founder of Dose juices.

In this talk, we cover Dose’s story, creativity in entrepreneurship, Genevieve’s successes and failures, women in business and the different set of challenges they face, and more!

Gen is an enthusiastic storyteller, and the hours flew by in her presence. If you are thinking about starting in business, or are looking for a, a-hem, Dose of inspiration, look no further!

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Episode 13: Marcus Troy

Marcus is part philosopher, part zen monk, part designer, part storyteller, and perennially curious about the world around him. He is a successful entrepreneur in businesses that range from brand partnerships to cold-pressed juicing, and a digital space trendsetter.

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Episode 12: Brian James

Brian James is a yogi, musician, author, sacred medicine guide, and MMA connoisseur. He also has as past life as an accomplished graphic designer. This guy does it all!

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