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Episode 23: Kimiko Fujimoto

Kimiko Fujimoto is an entrepreneur, Yoga instructor, Yoga Teacher Training Instructor, and the founder of Temple Mile-End. On March 28th, she will leading a special, Kundalini Yoga and musical event titled “Ceremony of Yoga.”

In our sit-down together, she guided us through her journey from Cali girl to Montreal Yogini. She also shared stories of entrepreneurship, of meeting her biological father for the first time in her 20s, and of random encounters on spiritual pilgrimages.

We talked yoga, about discerning when it’s time for more dedication versus when it’s time to say fuck the practice, about the finance ans spirituality, and on what kind of preparation goes into leading an event for 200+ people.

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Episode 22: John Sutherland

John Sutherland is the founder of Adaptive Bodywork, an innovative therapeutic modality that aims to restore full tissue function and enable optimal health.

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Not So Fast! A Prep Guide For A 7-Day Water Fast.

Have you been hearing about fasting and wondering whether it’s for you?

Here’s some info put together by the SpiritBros!

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Episode 21: Jenny Berthiaume

Jenny Berthiaume is an author, yoga instructor, doula, and comic strip artist. She shares insight into the process of writing a book, key practices for expecting and new moms, stories of some of the biggest hurdles she has overcome, and more.

This podcast was a blast, lots of laughter and fuelled by generous amounts of coffee and chocolate!

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Episode 20: Craig Ryan

Craig Ryan is the Director of Social Entrepreneurship at the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), and a powerful voice in enabling entrepreneurs develop business models that lead to social and environmental benefits as well as profits.

In today’s show, Craig explains to us how the BDC is uniquely placed to help environmentally and socially conscious entrepreneurs do their thing. He tells us about the B Corp certification and how it is a step in that direction. He also gives us some insight into what are the best and worst things entrepreneurs do in pursuit of success.

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Episode 19: Elizabeth Emberly

Elizabeth Emberly is the co-founder of seminal yoga studio Naada Yoga, and its lead instructor.

In this episode, she tells us about when and how the idea for the studio was born, what were some of the greatest challenges she has faced personally and as an entrepreneur, and also what ingredients were necessary in creating a Teacher Training that has welcomed the likes of Richard Rosen, Mary Pafford, Matthew Remski, and Rodney Yee.

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