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Episode 29: Chris Capell

Chris Capell is the founder and former owner of Le Couteau, a Montreal coffee hub now integrated into the Cafe Myriade brand, and the founder and owner of the Montreal Coffee Academy.

THIS IS THE EPISODE! Praise the gods, everything you’ve ever wanted to know about coffee, and some things you didn’t know you wanted to know!

Chris Capell is a coffee genius. Java wisdom flows from him like a river. This show will rock your world and your taste buds.

Enjoy! 🙂

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Episode 28: Trine Veiss Mikkelsen

Trine Veiss Mikkelsen is a menstruation activist, women’s health coach, a photographer, a yoga therapist, and an entrepreneur. She’s also a lot of fun as a podcast guest!

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Episode 27: Julian A. Giacomelli

Julian Giacomelli is the President and Chairman of RISE Kombucha, and a Venture Partner at edo Capital. He is also a long-time yoga adept, a talented photographer, and an avid traveller.

It was a real treat for Scott and I to absorb some of of Julian’s wisdom!

Julian Giacomelli on the SpiritBros Podcast!

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Episode 26: Jean Trudel

Jean Trudel is the founder of Circle of Peace ( and Melodeum. A natural storyteller who went from a Bohemian lifestyle in Europe, to producing shows for Sarah Mcglachlan and Celine Dion, to organizing welcoming committees for the Dalai Lama and working with the U.N., he’s an amazing person to sit across when the mics are recording.

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Vanessa Reid joins Peter for a discussion on change and revolutions, encountering the other as a form of self-discovery, spirituality on organizational scales, and different forms of leadership.

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Episode 24: Qarim Brown

Qarim Brown is an entrepreneur, a photographer, and a world-class storyteller. He has been a founder or co-founder of businesses that range from facilitating travel to luxury destinations to creating a digital concierge. He has directed a music video for Tiga, organized a party at the Playboy mansion, and made a living for himself in his early 20s as a male model in France.

This was a one-of-a-kind talk!

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