Episode 2, Part 1: Dr. Patrick Owen

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"We need new headshots" - Scott and Pete after seeing this

OMG this guy rocks!

Before we start the hype train, this is the first part of a two part episode. You’ll find part 2 here.

Patrick has a Doctorate in Human Nutrition with a focus on Ethnobotany and his studies and travels have taken him all across the world. Notably, he has studied native diets and medicinal plants in Papua New Guinea, the Tibetan Highlands, and Northern Quebec.

In this podcast we explore his his passion for parkour, the differences between learning in the field and learning in school, the challenges of feeding the masses, the importance of sleep and sleep patterns, hormones, his secrets to surviving a PhD, eating spiders, functional nutrition and his approach with clients, how stress, sleep and food are related, carb addiction, his writing for AskMen.com and his upcoming dreams.


There’s something for everyone in this episode. I know I’ll have to listen to it a few times!

If you’d like to find Dr. Pat online, you can check out his website here, he also has a delightful and informative Instagram account. If you’re looking for quick info bits and interesting links, check out his Twitter page.


One comment on “Episode 2, Part 1: Dr. Patrick Owen

  1. Audrey Morin says:

    Wow! Tellement d’informations nouvelles, pertinentes et vulgarisées de façon si dynamique et captivante. Je ne suis définitivement plus la même qu’il y a 1:38. Mes choix alimentaires vont être revisités. Quel génie!! Merci du partage. PS Il ressemble vraiment à Sylvain Cossette.

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