Episode 7: Andrew Bathory

Playful AND Mysterious

Elemental Voice

Andrew is a creative genius! He is a dancer, singer, yoga and movement teacher, nature lover, and successful entrepreneur. In this episode, he walks us through his life journey from snowboarding the Calgary mountain ranges, his early beginnings with yoga to opening up two successful holistic training studios in less than three years. We also went off on fun tangents that fueled a beautifully inspiring conversation. Much love Andrew!


Element Studio

Andrew’s Personal Website


Vocal River

The NFL National Anthem Policy (the policy has since been revoked)

Andrew giving Scott a run for his money as "hubba hubba" champ

Time Markers

  • [4:50] Growing up in Calgary and how hiking in the mountains set the tone for Andrew’s lifelong passion for finding ways to connect with a deeper self.

  • [8:48] Faith, belief systems, and being of service.

  • [10:38] Discovering Yoga Asana through Dance School.

  • [14:53] Connections Andrew made between voice training and yoga.

  • [19:07] “As a teacher, your biggest tool is your voice.”

  • [24:18] How Andrew likes to introduce voice practice to beginners.

  • [36:08] Andrew’s daily practice routine and philosophy.

  • [37:23] “Breath is the life hack to help your nervous system.”

  • [38:38] Opening his first Yoga Studio: Element Yoga Montreal.

  • [43:56] Finding his sweet spot as an entrepreneur.

  • [50:28] How settling on the name “Element” for his first studio was a multi-layered decision.

  • [55:38] Moving from donation based payment to a fixed price at Element Yoga.

  • [1:04:06] Shifting from Element Yoga to Element Studio. The process of starting a business with partners.

  • [1:10:08] Building a studio that offers a more holistic approach to movement: “How do we fuse the fitness world and the yoga world?”

  • [1:12:28] “Location is everything.” On where to build your fitness business.

  • [1:20:28] Non-violent communication as a building block to working with business partners.

  • [1:23:15] How running two businesses at once affected his personal life.

  • [1:28:28] How he would have done things slightly differently, with hindsight, to keep a better work/personal life balance.

  • [1:33:08] “Always triple-check your commercial lease.”

  • [1:42:03] Andrew talks about his “growth edge.”

  • [1:43:58] Learning principles of meditation from his father.

  • [1:48:48] Coming out to his parents as a teenager.

  • [1:50:03] “I didn’t know I was gay until I was made fun of.”

  • [1:56:23] How yoga helped support him through challenging times.

  • [2:02:08] Finding role models from the punk world.

  • [2:13:28] “At what point does our role as a business person, or an athlete, or a yoga teacher, dictate how we have to be at a given moment? Why does that take precedence over our authentic expression of what we want to stand for?”

  • [2:19:38] Non-violent protest.

  • [2:22:08] Andrew speaks of some of his mentors.

  • [2:24:08] En-Lightning Round.

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