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Episode 36: Richard Rosen

Richard Rosen is an author of six books and a long time practitioner and instructor of yoga. He is best known for his book on Pranayama, “The Yoga of Breath.”
He co-founded Piedmont Yoga Studio in 1987 and helped run it for 28 years, and is a contributing editor at Yoga Journal as well as internationally touring teacher.

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Episode 35: Lennie Moreno

Lennie Moreno is the founder and CEO of Sofdesk, a creator of industry-leading software for solar installations. He is a public speaker, Hip-Hop artist, and the founder of the “Clean Out Your Closet” initiative.

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Episode 34: Natalie Riviere

Natalie Riviere is the founder of Commetta Communications, a digital brand marketing and communications business. She is a long-time yogi and one of the co-hosts and organizers of “Fuck-Up Nights” in Montreal.

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Episode 33: Jules Mitchell

Jules Mitchell is an international yoga instructor with a Masters degree in Biomechanics. Her new book is titled: “Yoga Biomechanics: Stretching Redefined.”
Jules shares stories, insight, and practices into how biomechanics can enhance a postural yoga practice, how she manages a busy travelling and teaching schedule, and why she is still passionate about yoga after over twenty years of practice.

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Episode 32: Scott Simons

Scott Simons is the founder and CEO of Organik, as well as the founder of Ceremony Of Yoga. He is a keynote speaker and yoga instructor.

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Episode 31: Barrie Risman

Barrie is a senior yoga instructor, entrepreneur, and author. She is one of the forces behind the World Spine Care Yoga Project, and runs the online resource for continuing education, “The Skillful Yogi.”

On the show, she talks about her book “Evolving Your Yoga: Ten Principles For Enlightened Practice.” We cover both the writing process and the content within and how it caters to teachers and practioners of yoga who are looking to deepen and support their practice.

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Episode 30: Justin Kingsley

Justin Kingsley is a storyteller, an author of three books, a keynote speaker, and the mind behind the slogan for the 2010 Vancouver Games and the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

And those are just some of the projects he’s been a part of!

As you’ll discover on this episode, Justin’s passion for storytelling is only matched by his work ethic. He has a unique talent for creative storytelling and a voice that stands out from the pack. More than anything, he is a great listener and a generous podcast guest!

Justin Kingsley on The SpiritBros Podcast!

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Episode 29: Chris Capell

Chris Capell is the founder and former owner of Le Couteau, a Montreal coffee hub now integrated into the Cafe Myriade brand, and the founder and owner of the Montreal Coffee Academy.

THIS IS THE EPISODE! Praise the gods, everything you’ve ever wanted to know about coffee, and some things you didn’t know you wanted to know!

Chris Capell is a coffee genius. Java wisdom flows from him like a river. This show will rock your world and your taste buds.

Enjoy! 🙂

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Episode 28: Trine Veiss Mikkelsen

Trine Veiss Mikkelsen is a menstruation activist, women’s health coach, a photographer, a yoga therapist, and an entrepreneur. She’s also a lot of fun as a podcast guest!

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Episode 27: Julian A. Giacomelli

Julian Giacomelli is the President and Chairman of RISE Kombucha, and a Venture Partner at edo Capital. He is also a long-time yoga adept, a talented photographer, and an avid traveller.

It was a real treat for Scott and I to absorb some of of Julian’s wisdom!

Julian Giacomelli on the SpiritBros Podcast!

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Episode 26: Jean Trudel

Jean Trudel is the founder of Circle of Peace (cercledepaix.org) and Melodeum. A natural storyteller who went from a Bohemian lifestyle in Europe, to producing shows for Sarah Mcglachlan and Celine Dion, to organizing welcoming committees for the Dalai Lama and working with the U.N., he’s an amazing person to sit across when the mics are recording.

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Vanessa Reid joins Peter for a discussion on change and revolutions, encountering the other as a form of self-discovery, spirituality on organizational scales, and different forms of leadership.

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Episode 24: Qarim Brown

Qarim Brown is an entrepreneur, a photographer, and a world-class storyteller. He has been a founder or co-founder of businesses that range from facilitating travel to luxury destinations to creating a digital concierge. He has directed a music video for Tiga, organized a party at the Playboy mansion, and made a living for himself in his early 20s as a male model in France.

This was a one-of-a-kind talk!

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Episode 23: Kimiko Fujimoto

Kimiko Fujimoto is an entrepreneur, Yoga instructor, Yoga Teacher Training Instructor, and the founder of Temple Mile-End. On March 28th, she will leading a special, Kundalini Yoga and musical event titled “Ceremony of Yoga.”

In our sit-down together, she guided us through her journey from Cali girl to Montreal Yogini. She also shared stories of entrepreneurship, of meeting her biological father for the first time in her 20s, and of random encounters on spiritual pilgrimages.

We talked yoga, about discerning when it’s time for more dedication versus when it’s time to say fuck the practice, about the finance ans spirituality, and on what kind of preparation goes into leading an event for 200+ people.

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Episode 22: John Sutherland

John Sutherland is the founder of Adaptive Bodywork, an innovative therapeutic modality that aims to restore full tissue function and enable optimal health.

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Not So Fast! A Prep Guide For A 7-Day Water Fast.

Have you been hearing about fasting and wondering whether it’s for you?

Here’s some info put together by the SpiritBros!

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Episode 21: Jenny Berthiaume

Jenny Berthiaume is an author, yoga instructor, doula, and comic strip artist. She shares insight into the process of writing a book, key practices for expecting and new moms, stories of some of the biggest hurdles she has overcome, and more.

This podcast was a blast, lots of laughter and fuelled by generous amounts of coffee and chocolate!

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Episode 20: Craig Ryan

Craig Ryan is the Director of Social Entrepreneurship at the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), and a powerful voice in enabling entrepreneurs develop business models that lead to social and environmental benefits as well as profits.

In today’s show, Craig explains to us how the BDC is uniquely placed to help environmentally and socially conscious entrepreneurs do their thing. He tells us about the B Corp certification and how it is a step in that direction. He also gives us some insight into what are the best and worst things entrepreneurs do in pursuit of success.

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Episode 19: Elizabeth Emberly

Elizabeth Emberly is the co-founder of seminal yoga studio Naada Yoga, and its lead instructor.

In this episode, she tells us about when and how the idea for the studio was born, what were some of the greatest challenges she has faced personally and as an entrepreneur, and also what ingredients were necessary in creating a Teacher Training that has welcomed the likes of Richard Rosen, Mary Pafford, Matthew Remski, and Rodney Yee.

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SPECIAL EPISODE! – Year One In Review – With Scott and Pete

Scott and Pete look back on the successes, failures, and highlights of year one of The SpiritBros Podcast! They also cover what’s in store for 2019!

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Episode 17: Vanessa Reid

Co-Founder of The Living Wholeness Institute, former Executive Director at Santropol Roulant, and former Executive Publisher of Ascent Magazine, Vanessa shares what she has learned about leadership in organizations, her insights from completing two Masters degrees, the wisdom and potential found in chaos and death, and much more!

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Episode 16: Dominic Tambuzzo

Dominic is an Ayurvedic therapist, a seasoned entrepreneur, and a Yogi with decades of practice. In this episode, he shares his stories about relationship, success and failure, his wisdom, and his instinct for fun!

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Episode 15: Jean-Marie Lapointe

Jean-Marie is an author, public speaker, actor, and host of TVA’s “Face à la Rue.”

In our sit-down, Jean-Marie walks us through sharing moments with people with terminal illnesses and why he feels privileged to live this experience.

He tells us what he has learned from spending time with Matthieu Ricard and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

He also talks to us about how the homeless of Montreal have had a deep impact on his worldview, as well as how he approached pitching a show about homelessness to a major television network (TVA).

Jean-Marie Lapointe on the SpiritBros Podcast!

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Episode 14: Genevieve Brousseau-Provencher

How did a 21-day cleanse become the foundation for a Canada-wide distributed brand of cold-pressed juices? In just five years?

This and more in our epic sit-down with Genevieve Brousseau-Provencher, co-founder of Dose juices.

In this talk, we cover Dose’s story, creativity in entrepreneurship, Genevieve’s successes and failures, women in business and the different set of challenges they face, and more!

Gen is an enthusiastic storyteller, and the hours flew by in her presence. If you are thinking about starting in business, or are looking for a, a-hem, Dose of inspiration, look no further!

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Episode 13: Marcus Troy

Marcus is part philosopher, part zen monk, part designer, part storyteller, and perennially curious about the world around him. He is a successful entrepreneur in businesses that range from brand partnerships to cold-pressed juicing, and a digital space trendsetter.

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Episode 12: Brian James

Brian James is a yogi, musician, author, sacred medicine guide, and MMA connoisseur. He also has as past life as an accomplished graphic designer. This guy does it all!

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Episode 11: Dawn Mauricio

Have you ever thought of practicing meditation. Perhaps taking the next step and teaching it?

Today on the show we welcome Dawn Mauricio. Dawn is a long time yoga teacher turned full time meditation instructor. Vivacious, fun, and insightful, she shares with us some highlights of her path. This includes stories about playing basketball, surviving intensive retreats and finding wisdom within them, and how she dealt with spending over 150 days away from home last year.

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Episode 10 – Patricia Summersett

Patricia is an actress and a musician. She has wonderful training and insight in all things creative, and is also an accomplished athlete having performed at a high level as an ice dancer. For you gamers out there, you’ll know Patricia as the voice of ‘Zelda’ from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and as ‘Ash’ in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. She is featured in the movie Mother! and is the lead singer of Summersett Band.

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Episode 9 – Albert Bissada

Get ready for something special!

Albert joins us with stories of yoga awakenings, meditation retreats, traffic tickets, and more!

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Episode 8: Barrie Risman

Barrie’s passion for yoga was born in the early 90s. Her years of experience have made her an insightful contributor to the teaching community of yoga, which she does through her online program “The Skillful Yogi” and through teacher trainings. She is also the co-founder of the World Spine Care Yoga Project.

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Episode 7: Andrew Bathory

Andrew is a creative genius! He is a dancer, singer, yoga and movement teacher, nature lover, and successful entrepreneur. In this episode, he walks us through his life journey from snowboarding the Calgary mountain ranges, his early beginnings with yoga to opening up two successful holistic training studios in less than three years. We also went off on fun tangents that fueled a beautifully inspiring conversation. Much love Andrew!

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Episode 6: Rhiannon Rollit

Rhiannon Rollit is a superhero!
Rhiannon has been a central figure in lululemon’s growth in Eastern Canada. She’s also an accomplished yogi and a lifelong student of self-development. In this podcast, we get to ask her about how she approaches hiring, building community, leadership, finding balance in her personal life, and much more!

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Episode 5: Danielle Levy

Danielle’s bright gaze and easy smile make her someone you immediately feel comfortable with as a helper for THE MOST important life decisions: what to eat!

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Episode 4: Dan Hines

Sharing the room with Dan Hines feels like being reborn!

With an unassuming and relaxed demeanour, Dan isn’t someone who imposes. You might even miss him if you cross him on the street or sit next to him on the subway. The moment you connect eyes with with him, and hear his voice, is the moment you’ll feel like you have a friend for life.

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Episode 3: Mathieu Dumontet

Years of dedicated training and a beard that would make Tolkien proud make Mathieu someone you notice the moment he enters a room. As iconic as his look may be, it’s really his deadpan sense of humor, his charmingly uncensored disposition, and his obvious dedication and passion for learning that leave the most lasting impression…

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Episode 2, Part 2: Dr. Patrick Owen

This is part 2 of our sit down with Dr. Patrick Owen.

In this one we hear Patrick’s take on the role and utility of Canada’s food guide, how he took the step from Academia into self-employment, and his current passion projects including his writing for Askmen.com.

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Episode 2, Part 1: Dr. Patrick Owen

OMG this guy rocks!

Before we start the hype train, this is the first part of a two part episode. You’ll find part 2 here.

Patrick has a Doctorate in Human Nutrition with a focus on Ethnobotany and his studies and travels have taken him…

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Episode 1: Julie Marchand

Julie is one of Quebec’s leading wellness ambassadors, but that’s just one of the many hats she wears: Super-mom, grandma (she’s not even 50!), super trainer turned yogini, author, and exceptional human being. Julie leads us through her journey of marriage and family, separation, being reborn in the health and wellness industry, and finding her...

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