Episode 6: Rhiannon Rollit

This is the face of someone planning a dance choreography

Born To Lead

Rhiannon is an everyday superhero. And that’s not just because she has a wrestling alias and a deep love for cool costumes! Her unique blend of drive and humility make her a powerful spark in her professional and personal communities.

I met Rhiannon years ago working at lululemon. The years I spent working there were key formative years of my life as I came to understand many ‘big picture’ ideas of where I was headed, especially in regards to self-development and entrepreneurship. At the time, Rhiannon was lululemon’s regional manager for Canada East (title made up by me – I forget the accurate term), and upon meeting her, I immediately recognized her as the type of leader I aspired to be. Accessible. A good listener. Decisive. Inclusive. Comprehensive. It was easy to connect with her vision and become excited about going to work.

Having her on the show, years later, and hearing her insights was a special treat!

Thriving In Community

Scott and I got to ask her about her approach to leadership and how she manages to balance personal, health and professional in a sustainable way.

Rhiannon speaks to what she looks for in the hiring process, why the store manager position is her favorite, and how she approaches presenting product in its best light. She also shares with us how yoga has been a key helper in her life, both on a personal and professional level, for more than a decade.

This is Rhiannon Rollit on The SpiritBros Podcast!

Best Work Meeting Ever!

Show Notes

Key Links:

Time Markers

  • [4:55] “I really, really like to have fun.”

  • [7:43] Rhiannon’s beginnings with lululemon.

  • [9:53] On why being Store Manager is Rhiannon’s favourite job.

  • [13:03] On how filtering information was a key skill in transitioning into the Regional Manager position.

  • [17:03] Finding Yoga.

  • [21:47] Rhiannon’s approach to building an amazing team and what she means when she says ‘hire slowly.’

  • [24:38] “I love that about lululemon, that we’re such a relationship based company.”

  • [32:03] “What are you practicing?” Rhiannon talks about the power of intentionally choosing how you spend your time.

  • [35:43] How Rhiannon balances attaining financial targets with creating a thriving atmosphere for her team and community.

  • [40:00] Rhiannon’s recipe for an amazing dance-choreography-Instagram video.

  • [42:13] What is the best way to present a new product?

  • [44:03] Rhiannon’s “why?” – Why she loves what she does.

  • [48:17] Managing expectations and mindset are key in maintaining personal, health, and professional balance.

  • [50:13] “S.A.V.E.R.S.”

  • [58:03] Rhiannon’s long term goals.

  • [59:23] Rhiannon on one of her key mentors, Suzanne Conrad.

  • [1:05:40] En-Lightning Round

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