Episode 5: Danielle Levy

"I want whatever she's having!"

Food Made Easy

Food is confusing! One week eggs are bad for you, the next, you should eat more eggs. If you are looking for a new diet there’s weightwatchers, paleo, vegan, what about fasting? Oh and you should totally eat low carb high fat, or was it high carb low fat? And don’t forget gluten! It’s evil (but so delicious)! Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

Enter Danielle Levy.

A Holistic Approach

Danielle’s bright gaze and easy smile make her someone you immediately feel comfortable with as a consultant for THE MOST important life decisions: what to eat! Both Scott and I have dived deep into food research and still feel like there is so much out there to learn, so much to read in order to make discerning decisions. What about when someone doesn’t have time to do the research?

Danielle is there both for the foodie newbie and the aficionado. What I particularly liked about Danielle, beyond her deep knowledge and impassioned interest for the subject, was her approach in sharing food insights. When she begins to work with someone, she begins by listening and getting to know the person to find the right place to make a sustainable and beneficial change.

In a world in which systems and diets prevail, this approach, called holistic nutrition, is a breath of fresh air.

The Matcha Lime Yuzu Tart is calling You

Let’s Talk Food!

In the show, we cover a variety of subjects. We talk about Danielle’s love of photography and travel. How she came into the health and wellness industry. How she found her niche in helping people thrive and developing custom programs to create positive momentum. We also discussed her approach to business and social media.

One of the show’s tastiest highlights is Danielle’s new and delicious entrepreneurial undertaking: Spice&Seed. Spice&Seed is a unique blend of spices and seeds that add some extra flavor and nutritional value to any dish. Between you and me, the samples she brought us lasted about five seconds. You can find out more about it here.

Learn More About Danielle

Danielle is definitely someone you want to follow on social media. Her instagram¬†and facebook are a visual blessing for the food enthusiast, and her personal website will guide you in pulling off some phenomenal recipes. She also has videos on Vimeo and her Twitter account displays the beautiful blend of insight and craft that makes Danielle’s take on food truly unique.

Grab a seat (and make sure you have something tasty nearby) for The SpiritBros Podcast with Danielle Levy!

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