Episode 32: Scott Simons

Experience Organik

This episode’s guest is none other than my spirit-bro and good friend, that devilishly handsome and entrepreneurial genius, Scott Simons.

While Scott would be the first to downplay these qualifiers in his humble way, as someone who gets to witness him do his thing on a day-to-day basis, I’m going to lay on the gravy, folks. I’m a huge fan of Scott and have been from our first meeting over a smoothie, when we discovered we had the same origin stories.

Always Forward

Scott is someone who doesn’t know how to quit. Twelve years ago, he founded Organik, a business whose aim was to change the way health was experienced in the workplace. He wanted to make health, and the inherent feeling of well-being that flowers, hmm-hmm, organically from it, to be accessible to all.

It’s a vision that seems like a given on paper. Who wouldn’t want a healthier, more vibrant workplace? Isn’t it obvious that that would not only improve productivity but also employee retention and satisfaction?

Harnessing Momentum

While healthy workplace practices are buzzing today and becoming less of an anomaly, it wasn’t always so. Scott has a lot of great stories about the challenges and successes he has encountered over the years in championing health in the business community. And the years of hard work are beginning to pay off! Scott is a regular keynote speaker on the subject of health in businesses around Montreal and beyond.

This is also a huge year for Mr. Scotty as he has officially thrown himself into the event-planning world. Not content with just addressing the workplace, his vision has grown to include people from all walks of life. Enter the beautiful vision of Ceremony of Yoga.

Ceremony Of Yoga

With Ceremony of Yoga’s first official event, LOVE, in the books, Scott and I talked about the process of organizing such an event and some key learnings he acquired (including what to do when your shipment of 250 yoga mats won’t arrive in time for the event).

We talk life, business, health, entrepreneurship, friendship, dreams, vision, and more.

Immensely proud to present you this podcast with the one, the only, Scott Simons!

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