Episode 16: Dominic Tambuzzo

Western Jewel, Eastern Heart

“It’s not that you have to fit the diet, the diet has to fit you.”

“So poop is a big, big deal in Ayurveda.”

“A reason, a season, a lifetime.”

It’s easy to talk with Dominic Tambuzzo.

Dominic is a seasoned entrepreneur, a Yogi with many decades of experience, and a skilled Ayurvedic Therapist, but something you may not learn from reading his bio is how fun he is to be around.

Scott and I felt it from the moment we began planning our sit-down with ‘Dom’ (or ‘Swami-D’ as Scott likes to call him), and when the day finally arrived, the excitement was high!

Class Time!

Dominic starts out the show leading us through an “Ayurveda 101.” If you are a Yoga practitioner or simply interested in learning something about this millennia-old practice, Dom walks us through some of the basic tenants, and explains how Ayurveda uses five elements to help contextualize an individual’s constitutional profile, or ‘Dosha’ in Sanskrit.

Jumping Into Jewelry

We also had a chance to hear about Dom’s many enterprises over the years, from the jewelry company he co-founded in his 20s, “Gigolo Jewelry,” to his business in importing specialty foods, “Société du Goût,” and also his years spent as a dairy trader.

A Reason, A Season, A Lifetime

Dom weaves in how these years have helped him as an independent contractor in the health and wellness industry, and why it was important for him to make a “heart-based” decision when he closed down his business to take on teaching Yoga as a career.

Dominic Tambuzzo on The SpiritBros Podcast!


Want to spend some more time with Dominic?

He Turned Our Worlds Upside Down!


  • [3:13] Dominic teaches the SpiritBros to swear in Italian.

  • [6:11] Dominic teaches us the meaning of the word “Ayurveda.”

  • [7:53] The five elements of Ayurveda.

  • [16:38] “So poop is a big, big deal in Ayurveda.”

  • [21:03] The concept of ‘Doshas’ (constitutional profiles) in Ayurveda.

  • [39:03] Dominic walks us through how to take our own radial pulse.

  • [41:43] Vassant Lad.

  • [48:33] The ties between Ayurveda and Yoga.

  • [51:53] How Yoga has been received in the West.

  • [57:03] On the state of Yoga today.

  • [1:03:18] On the great advice Dominic received from his partner.

  • [1:07:33] On the first Yoga class he took.

  • [1:08:33] On the bridge between Eastern and Western knowledge.

  • [1:13:33] “It’s not that you have to fit the diet, the diet has to fit you.”

  • [1:14:03] Dominic’s beginnings in business with ‘Gigolo Jewelry.’

  • [1:16:53] On his first major failure as an entrepreneur.

  • [1:19:13] On being a dairy trader in the late 90s.

  • [1:21:53] On the unique aspects of doing business in South America.

  • [1:24:13] “A reason, a season, a lifetime.”

  • [1:26:13] On the moment he left money on the table to start his own business, Société du Goût.

  • [1:36:43] On the differences between working for someone else and working for yourself.

  • [1:38:53] A trip to Kripalu produced a key moment in determining Dominic’s future career.

  • [1:41:43] “Creating space” by ending his food business was necessary in allowing a new possibility to bloom.

  • [1:46:53] Dominic’s travels in India.

  • [1:51:13] On how choosing Ayurveda was a heart-based decision.

  • [1:52:13] On developing his own training for therapists interested in using Ayurvedic modalities in their practice.

  • [1:54:23] En-Lightning round.

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