Episode 14: Genevieve Brousseau-Provencher

An Entrepreneur's Journey

“Everyone has something to teach you.”

“I like chaos. Sometimes, you can surprise yourself in chaos.”

“I would come home from work around 7, and then juice until 2 or 3am.”

It all started five years ago with a fun night making juices.

Fast-forward to 2018 and Genevieve Brousseau-Provancher is the co-founder of Dose juices, a nationally distributed brand of organic juices made from the best ingredients and nothing else.

Scott and I were treated to an epic sit-down with Genevieve. From Dose’s genesis in a 21-day cleanse with her partner Raphael Hubert, after seeing the documentary “Hungry For Change,” to a company with cross-Canada reach, a distribution deal with Walmart, and 25 employees, we cover the highlights of the company’s, and Genevieve’s, journey.

Five years!

Original Leadership

Genevieve tells us about the entrepreneurial life (“It kind of creeped up on me”) and the intangibles that make it an exciting world for her. Among these are her fascination with human behavior and behavioral trends, her creative drive to offer not just an amazing product, but one that is packaged uniquely and beautifully, and her insights absorbed through key learnings and failings over the years.

Pathfinding Women

We also talk about women and leadership, and how the entrepreneurial experience differs between the genders. Gen shares some wisdom from one of her mentors, her mom (also an entrepreneur), and how it helped her face some of the challenges she faced as a businesswoman.

Gen is an enthusiastic storyteller, and the hours flew by in her presence. If you are thinking about starting in business, or are looking for a, a-hem, Dose of inspiration, look no further!

Genevieve Brousseau-Provencher on the SpiritBros Podcast!

Learn more about Genevieve and Dose:


Look at dose two!


    • [3:30] As a six-year old, Genevieve held a baby crocodile in her arms.

    • [4:50] On Dose’s slogan: “Nothing Else.”

    • [5:45] The genesis of Dose in 2013 (an era in which no one was doing cold-pressed juices in Quebec yet!)

    • [7:50] On the entrepreneurial life: “It kind off creeped in on us.”

    • [14:10] “I’ve always loved human behavior.” On how observing behavioral trends can give you an idea of the right timing for launching your business.

    • [18:30] On the hustle required, in the early days of Dose, to promote a product with a 2-3 day shelf life.

    • [23:10] “I would come home from work around 7, and then juice until 2 or 3 am.”

    • [26:05] On HPP, the technology that allows a Dose juice to stay fresh for up to sixty days without using preservatives (if kept cool and sealed).

    • [31:10] On the process of coming up with new recipes for Dose.

    • [32:30] Genevieve’s take on the general aesthetic of organic products in 2013.

    • [34:45] On how education is key in the process of getting Dose to market; For many, how a real organic product looks can be off-putting, even if the quality of the product is high.

    • [39:30] On how this education has contributed to client loyalty.

    • [42:30] On the role of social media in promoting product, and Dose’s special affinity for Instagram.

    • [49:50] On the specifics of understanding who the smallest viable audience for Dose is.

    • [54:30] On why the newsletter is Dose’s MVP in reaching its audience.

    • [57:15] “Organic reach is dying.” On how today, you need to pay for people to see a post.

    • [1:04:30] On which Canadian province is the best market for cold-pressed juices.

    • [1:10:50] If she had to start Dose in today’s market, would she do it?

    • [1:13:20] On building scale, and landing Walmart as a distributor in Canada.

    • [1:22:30] Genevieve on the decision to develop a smoothie line of products.

    • [1:24:10] What’s the next big vision for Dose and Genevieve?

    • [1:30:10] On how a strong relationship with her co-founder, Raphael Hubert, was central in the growth of Dose.

    • [1:35:00] How does she face her ‘entrepreneurial demons?’

    • [1:41:30] How being good in school actually created some obstacles for her as an entrepreneur.

    • [1:43:30] Raphael Hubert is our new, entrepreneurial spirit guide.

    • [1:50:30] “I like chaos. Sometimes, you can surprise yourself in chaos.”

    • [1:51:45] Genevieve on hiring their first employee to now having a team of 25.

    • [2:02:30] On using Slack to communicate with her team.

    • [2:09:30] “Everyone has something to teach you.” 

    • [2:11:00] On how her mom is one of her entrepreneurial mentors and helped her understand some of the challenges she would meet as a woman in business.

    • [2:12:40] The advice she would give to a female entrepreneur getting started.

    • [2:23:15] On the decision to donate to the Canadian Woman’s Foundation.

    • [2:36:50] On the challenges of being yourself.

    • [2:41:45] En-Lightning round.

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