“When you’re doing it online, you’re doing it for the world.”

“If you don’t have a reason to die, then you don’t have a reason to live.”

“Success is always measured by how happy you are.”

The infinitely quotable Marcus Troy joins us on the show today.

Who Is Marcus Troy?

One thing I know about Marcus: he is not an easy person to label.

On twitter, he drops one liners that will stick with you throughout the day. His instagram showcases beautifully composed photographs and engaging stories. His website will draw you into the many adventures he and his team have across the world.

He’s an entrepreneur with businesses that range from creating brand partnerships to cold-pressed juices. He’s a podcaster (What A Time To Be Online). And through it all, he’s an authentic and generous individual that makes time fly by when you share the room with him.

How does he manage all of this?

The Art Of Being An Online Maverick

Marcus is part philosopher, part zen monk, part designer, part storyteller, and perennially curious about the world around him.

In this episode, we move from Marcus’ journey to repair his imagination to his experiences as an entrepreneur. We talk about his quest for authenticity, both personally and in relationships, about what it’s like being black in Montreal, and get his thoughts on being followed by Barack Obama on twitter. Marcus gives us insight into the right way to promote online, as well as the wisdom behind one of our favorite lines of his: “Success is always measured by how happy you are.”

Marcus Troy on the SpiritBros Podcast!


Interested In Learning More?

Check out his website.

His juicing company, Joys of Living.

His Podcast, What A Time To Be Online.

Marcus’ Instagram and Twitter.

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  • [5:36] Marcus on Barack Obama following him on twitter.

  • [9:36] Studies of the mind -Using the show Narcos as a framework for the question: “What are you willing to die for to achieve?”

  • [14:21] “If you don’t have a reason to die, then you don’t have a reason to live.”

  • [15:01] What are some of Marcus’ driving goals?

  • [17:16] “I think that racism has a lot to do with why cannabis was categorized as a drug.”

  • [20:56] “We live in a society where the privileged get more privilege.”

  • [23:51] Repairing the imagination. Celebrating a process of inquiry rather than believing things blindly.

  • [28:21] On the power of words when they are used truthfully.

  • [29:36] Why Marcus dislikes the word ‘influencer.’

  • [30:36] On the billion-dollar industry of ‘banner’ ads, and how the times have evolved towards influencers and targeted marketing.

  • [38:36] What impact does Marcus want to have on the world?

  • [39:36] On fighting stereotypes.

  • [42:51] On the story of the American blogger who wanted to preach to an un-contacted tribe and was killed by them.

  • [47:06] On what it’s like to be black in Montreal.

  • [1:00:06] On using racial qualifiers when describing successful people.

  • [1:01:06] The story of looking for a job from four perspectives: a white male, a white woman, a black male, and a black female.

  • [1:11:06] “What if a dirty cop attacks me, am I allowed to defend myself?”

  • [1:12:06] On why he doesn’t think white men should feel guilty for being privileged, and how awareness is the real end game.

  • [1:17:36] On the cultural influence and power of movies in shaping personal narratives, biases, etc.

  • [1:23:36] Marcus on his love for Japan.

  • [1:31:36] Marcus prioritizes authenticity and the experience he has when he collaborates with brands. He also keeps in mind how everything will be perceived by the audience.

  • [1:34:26] How Marcus got started in the digital online space.

  • [1:38:06] On brand exclusivity.

  • [1:41:16] “I don’t want to be the guy who says: Hey, look at my cool hat!”

  • [1:42:21] “You should be following people who inspire you.”

  • [1:42:30] On how the best way to promote Black Friday is to not promote Black Friday.

  • [1:47:06] “Success is always measured by how happy you are.”

  • [1:50:36] What is Marcus’ big dream ten years from now?

  • [1:54:36] En-Lightning Round.

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