Episode 9 – Albert Bissada

Don't have a Go, man.

Discovering Meaning

Get ready for something special!

Albert Bissada has been a part of the Montreal yoga scene for over 15 years now. His captivating storytelling, depth of knowledge, and phenomenal savasanas have earned him a dedicated following among yogi aficionados of the city.

The Hero’s Journey

Albert’s journey into yoga is unique. In our conversation, we weave through his experience attending more than ten Vipassana retreats, how studying principles of hypnosis has empowered his teaching, and his great love of language and how it can be used to elevate a person’s life and practice.

From the power of dreams to the Hoʻoponopono to how he deals with traffic tickets, Albert has many amazing tales to tell!  We hope you enjoy his stories and wisdom as much as we did!

Sending health your way 🙂 
Literally the face he had telling us about his parking ticket




  • [1:42] Albert got a ticket on his way to the recording.

  • [8:44] What drew Albert to yoga: “It has always been a part of me, long before I knew the word yoga.”

  • [10:15] Albert’s experience as a 12 year-old that made him aware of different states of consciousness.

  • [20:00] On getting into massive fights with his good friend in the past when the latter would come back from meditation retreats. “I poked him… and he didn’t poke back!”

  • [24:00] On having gone on silent retreats over a dozen times and what the experience has taught him.

  • [27:10] Albert gives us a play by play of how Vipassana retreats are run.

  • [32:30] The reactive patterns that play out in seated meditation.

  • [43:40] The Ho’oponopono affirmations.

  • [55:00] Collective movements.

  • [57:10] Studying with Dr. Bali and Sri Ram.

  • [1:08:00] The advice he gives to yoga teachers who study with him.

  • [1:11:30] What Albert has learned through studying hypnosis.

  • [1:14:37] “As soon as they say to themselves, ‘I’m going to a yoga class,’ something has already started.”

  • [1:16:30] “The way we use language reflects the way we think and process things.”

  • [1:20:08] How language can affect altered states.

  • [1:21:30] How to teach people who might be apprehensive to practising yoga.

  • [1:31:10] En-Lightning Round

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