Episode 8: Barrie Risman

Barrie Risman Pradipika

A Skillful Yogi

This episode features the insightful and lovely Barrie Risman. Barrie has been a dedicated yogi since the early 90s, when she discovered yoga in New York city and used the practice as a way to relax and reset.

Yogini For Life

Her passion for the practice eventually blossomed into a teaching practice and a diverse set of fascinating initiatives. Two notables are the World Spine Care Yoga Project and The Skillful Yogi, an online program created to help yoga teachers continue to learn and perfect their craft.

Community First

One of Barrie’s great insights is in how she places community as a central pillar to the practice. This notion, perhaps simple on the surface, actually requires some skill and a shared sense of responsibility within a community to help sustain a yogi’s endeavors and progress. Barrie had some great insight to share on the subject based on her time studying within the Anusara school, as well as through her own experience as a co-founder of Shri Yoga Studio in Montreal.

All this and more on The SpiritBros Podcast with Barrie Risman!

Key Links

Barrie’s Website

The Skillful Yogi

Focused Practice AND A Great Way to Make Sure Your Pants Smell Fresh
  • [4:34] What drew Barrie to yoga in the early 90s and how the yoga scene has evolved over the years.

  • [9:34] The moment that Barrie knew Yoga Asana would be a big part of her life. “I felt lit up. My body felt so alive. I had to sit down and just experience it.”

  • [11:04] “In Asana, we are awakening consciousness in the body.”

  • [15:14] Barrie’s insight on how to find a teacher that is a good match for you.

  • [17:14] “I think every yoga student deserves to have a teacher who knows them personally, for whom they aren’t just another mat in the room.”

  • [23:04] Barrie draws from her personal meditation practice to help sustain her teaching momentum.

  • [24:34] Barrie describes her years and experience learning within the Anusara system. She also talks about the 2012 scandal and its effects on her and the Anusara community.

  • [35:24] “One of the fundamental problems of yoga communities in general is that there is no standard, ethical code for yoga teachers. A community that doesn’t have ethical standards is not really a community, I believe, that there are not clear consequences for not honouring those standards.”

  • [39:24] Barrie speaks about the tension that can arise when a person is both a studio owner and a teacher.

  • [42:34] How jumping into entrepreneurship happened fairly organically for her in co-founding Shri Yoga Studio.

  • [43:51] On deciding to leave Shri Yoga.

  • [45:24] On writing her upcoming book “Evolving Your Yoga: Ten Principles for an Enlightened Practice”

  • [48:04] On deciding to move to India for four years in the late 90s.

  • [52:34] On community and practice.

  • [55:24] “One of the big healing components of yoga is the psycho-social component.”

  • [55:34] The World Spine Care Yoga Project.

  • [58:54] Non-dual tantra.

  • [1:02:34] Using strength training as a way to prevent injury.

  • [1:04:04] En-Lightning Round.

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